Freesat Sri Lanka Review – How to Watch Free Satellite TV in Sri Lanka for Lifetime

Freesat Sri Lanka Review - How to Watch Free Satellite TV in Sri Lanka for Lifetime, Free Digital TV Sri lanka

Freesat Sri Lanka is a free-to-air satellite television service available in Sri Lanka which was introduced to Sri Lanka recently. It offers its users a wide range of local and international free-to-air TV channels, including news, entertainment, sports, and children’s programs. In the true sense of the word, Freesat is completely FREE to watch lifetime after you make the initial payment for the devices. We should have a satellite dish and a Freesat recorder. Freesat provides high-quality digital television (HD) with no monthly subscription fees or ongoing costs, making it an affordable option for viewers who want access to a wide range of TV channels.

What is Freesat in Sri Lanka?

Freesat is a service that provides free Digital TV coverage to the whole of Sri Lanka through Satellite using DVB-S2X technology. Although providing a Digital TV service free of charge is a new thing for Sri Lanka, these services are very popular in foreign countries like England and India.

What is the Technology used in Freesat Sri Lanka?

DVB-S2X Satellite technology is basically used for this. Although Freesat is free to viewers, it is not a Free-to-Air Service and this is called Free-to-View. That is, this service is encrypted. The main reason for this is that according to the copyrights of the content broadcasted on these channels, it is prohibited to go out of Sri Lanka. But because this satellite signal extends throughout the region, this service must be encrypted according to the above law.

Ultimate Digital TV – DVB-S2X

HD & 4K UHD – Region’s 1st 4K Ready

Islandwide Unparallel coverage

Its FREE – Digital TV Forever

Local & International channels

Freesat Sri Lanka Channel List

Freesat offers more than 55 local and international channels to watch free without any monthly cost. Also, they are frequently updating the channel list. therefore Channel line-up may change without prior notice. However following channels are available on Freesat TV to watch for free.

Freesat Sri Lanka Channel List
  • Sri Dalada Maligawa HD
  • Rupavahini
  • Channel Eye
  • ITN (Sri Lanka)
  • Vasantham TV
  • TNL TV
  • Sirasa TV
  • Shakthi TV
  • TV 1 (Sri Lanka)
  • Swarnavahini
  • TV Derana
  • Ada Derana 24×7
  • Siyatha TV
  • Star Tamil TV
  • Hiru TV
  • Supreme TV HD
  • The Buddhist TV
  • Rangiri Sri Lanka TV
  • Charana TV
  • Verbum TV
  • Free Tube
  • Freesat Movies HD
  • Hitz99 HD
  • NHK World HD
  • Aljazeera HD
  • DW TV
  • ABC Australia HD
  • Arirang World
  • Zing
  • 9XM
  • B4U Movies
  • Kalignar TV
  • Srippoli TV
  • DD Sports
  • France 24
  • TV5 Monde
  • Euronews
  • TRT World
  • CGTN
  • KBS Korea
  • KBS World
  • ITN
  • Vasanatham TV
  • TNL
  • TV1
  • Ada Derana24
  • Star Tamil
  • Rangiri Sri Lanka
  • Shadraa TV
  • Verbam TV
  • HNK World HD
  • Alijazeera HD
  • DW
  • ABC HD
  • Kaligner TV
  • Srippoil TV
  • Wion News
  • Fashion TV HD

How do I get Freesat TV?

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You can buy Freesat from their official website. from the following link, you can request a Freesat decoder. Once you fill in your name, mobile number, address and district. One agent will contact you for further details and they will send you the device.

Buy Freesat Online:

Also there are many Freesat dealers in each district and you can buy from them as well. some communication, retail shops also sell Freesat devices for their official price mentioned below.

Apart from that you may find the dealers on classifieds websites like ikman and Facebook groups as well. some of them offer discounts. If you don’t trust online sellers you can just contact them and get the device from the dealer directly.

What are the devices we need to Watch Freesat?

  • FreeSat Set up Box decoder STB / Receiver which you can buy. (this include remote controller, cables and accessories)
  • Ku Band Dish ( ideally 65/90CM one for the best quality).
  • Ku Band LNB

Freesat set up Guide

It is easy to setup the devices. Freesat will give you all the information in the user manual (attached below)

  1. Connect the cable from LNB to Freesat decorder STB box
  2. Connect Freesat decorder STB box and TV using the HDMI cable or AV cables
  3. Connect Power adapter to the STB box and turn on
Freesat cable connectivity
Freesat Cable Connectivity

How to Install FreeSat Sri Lanka and Freesat Dish Alignment

Aligning the dish includes three stages, Aligning the Dish, aligning the LNB and Dish Angle. Following images illustrates hot to align freesat dish to the NSS 6 satellite (SES 12/SES 8 also in the same position).

**From your location there should be small difference in following coordinates so we recommend to use Satellite pointer app to get the exact number and direction.

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01. Azimuth – Positioning the Dish

Position the dish in respect to North as below image. Rotate the dish 118.354 from the north (This will be little vary from your location however it is between 115 and 120). You can use.

Freesat Dish alignment - Azimuth - Positioning the Dish

02. Elevation- Dish face Angle Setting

adjust your dish face to 70 degrees. This is indicated in your arm of the dish so you can set the adjustment easily.

Freesat Dish alignment - Elevation

03. Polarization- Adjust the LNB Rotation Angle

Skew rotation of the LNB with respect to the ground. When you look at the dish from the frond LNB cable should be on your left hand side with the correct angle.

Freesat Dish alignment - Polarization- Adjust the LNB Rotation Angle

Once you set your dish as per above images you should see some indication in your signal strength and quality in your TV. Then you can tune this further to get the best signal and quality level.

Dish positioning Summary for Freesat from Central Sri Lanka

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Site Latitude : 7.87
Site Longitude : 80.77
Satellite Orbital Slot: 95E
Antenna True Azimith: 118.354
Antenna Elevation: 70.952
Magnetic Declination: -999
Antenna Magnetic Azimuth: 1117.353
Polarity Skew: -60.637

We found a good video from the Youtube where you can refer to the installation clearly. Hope this will helpful to you. Thanks and credits goes to the original owner

Freesat Sri Lanka Frequency and Coordinates

Satellite NameSES 12
Position 95.0°
TP Frequency12226
Symbol Rate40000
Polarity Horizontal

How do I activate Freesat?

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Once you align the antenna properly, you will see the Signal strength and quality in your TV, then there will be a phone number, you have to send the SMS with your serial number of the device to that number, The unit will be activated within one or two minutes.

Is Freesat TV free?

Yes, Freesat is completely Free after you buy the unit. No monthly free, no annual fee which means it is lifetime free.

Where I can buy Freesat in Sri Lanka

  1. Order from the official website –
  2. Online Sellers in Facebook or other communities
  3. Online – websites, classified sites
  4. Communications and Freesat deals island wide

Freesat Sri Lanka dealers

Freesat has dealers around Sri Lanka, as far we aware there are dealers and distributed in each district. However still there is no any signs of official dealer list published in there website or any other place. But you can contact their hotline and findout the nearest dealer of sales point, Also there is a facebook page where you can find the Freesat dealers and sellers all around Sri Lanka.

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01. Official Facebook Group – Freesat Sri Lanka Community –

02. Freesat පාරිභෝගික සංසදය.��

03. FREESAT පාරිභෝගික සංසදය

Freesat Sattelite TV Box Decoder Price in Sri Lanka

Freesat Sri Lanka decoder box launch price was around 9500 LKR. But with the pandemic situations, inflation, and doller rate appreciation it was raised upto 11990, and by the time we write this the official selling price is LKR 12990.00. Some sellers offer discount for this price, so better to go through online sellers and website to get the best deal.

You have to have any kind of KU band dish and LNB to use this, if not they will cost less than LKR 4500.00

Freesat Dish Installation Cost

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The installation can be done DIY your self if you are bit a tech person. Only thing need to do is properly align the dish to the satellite and connect the cable from LNB to decorder. The instructions are given with the user manual, also we have added the installation above.

If you are unable to do this, most of the sellers offer freesat installations around LKR 2000.00 and some sellers to this even for less price if you are buying the decorder from them.

Freesat Sri Lanka Contact Details

  • Website –
  • Phone Number Hotline – 0706-333-666
  • Email address [email protected]
  • Office address – 20 Nelson Place, Colombo 6
  • Registered Company No: PV85639
  • Licensed Digital Television Broadcasting Service by the Ministry of Mass Media & Telecommunication Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka.

Freesat Sri Lanka National Distributor

Freesat official national distributor for Sri Lanka is ICT Solutions PVT Ltd. Following are Freesat sri lanka distributor contact details

ICT Solutiuons Pvt Ltd, No. 20, Nelson Place, Colombo 06

Freesat Sri Lanka Warranty Period and How to Claim

Freesat offers good warrenty for their products as follows.

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  • FreeSat decoder STB Box – 1 year Warrenty.
  • Remote Controller – 3 Months warrenty
  • You have to keep the box, warrenty card and invoice for warrenty claim. As per the dealer we contacted there are 3 methods to claim freesat warrenty.
  1. we have to handover to the dealer to claim warrenty. The dealer will claim the warrenty and give you a new devicec.
  2. You can bring the freesat STB decorder box directly to freesatrepair center located in Gampaha to claim warrenty.
  3. Call hotline and handover the device to the courier to get freesat warrenty claimed.

Freesat will check the device and try to repair it. If it is not possible to repair the will offer you a new recive, in that case, you have to activate the device by sending a SMS as we described in “How do I activate Freesat?” section.

How to Check Freesat warrenty

Open the warrenty check webpage and enter your serial ->

Freesat Warrenty Terms and Conditions

As per the manual given, attaching freesat Sri Lanka terms and conditions here

Can I use a Dialog TV Dish antenna for Freesat

Yes, you can use a Dialog TV dish antenna to watch Freesat Sri Lanka. Since Dialog TV and freesat both use KU band dish antennas and LNBs, It’s possible to use the same dish antenna from DialogTV for Freesat reception as well. But the important thing is you have to change the direction of the Dialog TV dish and LNB angle in order to get the Freesat reception. Dialog TV and Freesat use two different satellites to broadcast the signal. that is the reason why you have to re-align the dish antenna to the Freesat satellite.

If you already have a Dialog TV dish antenna set up in your home or a disconnected Dialog TV connection, you can connect the Freesat decoder box to the same cables and align the dish to watch Freesat without any bills from the Dialog TV satellite dish.

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